20 Feb

Virgin Gorda Wedding

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From time to time friends of ours ask us to photograph their wedding.


When this request arises we usually refer the bride and groom to a fellow photographer who exclusively shoots weddings. Still, after offering a referral the wedding couple sometimes prefers having a close friend handle the photography. It was a small private ceremony at a family member’s home by Little Dix Bay in Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands. We arrived in the evening during an almost full waxing moon. The Rosewood Resort on Little Dix Bay ended up being base camp for the wedding party. Days were spent relaxing in the pristine waters of the Virgin Islands while the evenings were full of laughter and stories of years past. Saturday’s sunset marked the beginning of the ceremony which took place by the infinity pool. The house itself was beautifully decorated and included a fountain in the foyer. Once the vows were completed fire works shot into the night sky signaling the good news to the rest of the bay. After the dancing, food, drinks, and cake everyone hiked down to a small private beach for a bonfire that the constellation Orion watched over. Having the opportunity to document this event was a pleasure and we hope you enjoy the sampling of images.

More pictures are here on our Tumblr page.

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